• About Us

    Mr. Javed Iqbal joined fans industry in 1978 and Established company by name of “GHOSIA FANS”. Despite of lack of facilities and technical skills at that his, with his hard work, dedication and analytical thinking he made “GHOSIA FANS” leading fan manufacturer in the industry and “GHOSIA FANS” captured large market share in very short span of time. With the passage of time sons Of Mr. Javed Iqbal Mr. Faizan Ahmed, Mr. Nouman Ahmed and Mr. Danish Javed joined their father in business and with their hardwork and skills and due to increasing demand of Ghosia Fans in the market a new factory by name of Al-Ghosia fans was introduced whose management was with Mr. Faizan Ahmed whose skills and management made Al-Ghosia also renowned brand like parent company Ghosia Fans. In 2016 Mr. Nouman Ahmed and Mr. Danish Javed extended the business further and laid foundations of Khushi fans named by name of their late grandfather Mr. Muhammad Khushi, under guidance of their father Mr. Javed Iqbal.

    As there is electricity shortage and crisis in Pakistan in recent years all 3 factories namely Ghosia Fans and Khushi Fans focused on 99.9% pure copper and silver winding, electrical steel sheet, first class aluminum casting and double ball bearing technology to serve customers with best quality and provide electricity efficient products.

    With high knowledge, expertise and technical skills gained with passage of time since 1987 all three units of Ghosia fans have focused on high quality standards and established a laboratory in all 2 units where every fan is checked with latest technologies and techniques before it goes to market for sales.

    In Sha Allah, our policy to provide best quality products will be our main motive and this policy to provide best quality and innovative products will always be our priority.